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Digital Curriculum Map

The new school year is right around the corner! One thing I cannot live without to keep my classroom organized is my curriculum map. Plan out your entire year for all of your subjects and have it accessible at your fingertips wherever you are! This curriculum map will help you stay organized, consistent, and worry-free. While the idea of a curriculum map may have other names, like a pacing guide or yearly planner, the actual document is the same!

This product is a DIGITAL curriculum map, however it can be printed so you can have a paper copy, give it to a teammate, or share it with your principal. Please note though, it is NOT formatted to be printable!

Everything is stored on a single Google Sheets document. There are several tabs to the document that have different planning pages on them to help you maximize your organization. All of these tabs have the capability to be edited, duplicated, and redesigned.

You DO NOT need to give TPT access to your Google Drive. I have created links on a PDF to force a copy whenever you click on it. This will automatically go to whichever Google account you are signed in to and make a copy right to your drive.

Please note that this document is a TEMPLATE for you to create your own curriculum map for your classroom. You will receive a blank, formatted document to type your own material into.

The tabs included are:

▶ Full plans for the entire year broken down by week and day (complete with 8 subjects but room for more)

▶ Year at a glance by month (complete with 8 subjects but room for more)

▶ 9 week view

▶ Unit planner (one template that can be duplicated)

▶ Holiday/Event planner

▶ Standards checklists for ELA, Math, Science, & Social Studies (the standards are NOT typed in for you but you can easily copy and paste your standards for your state)

BONUS items:

❤ A simple, formatted curriculum map that is meant for printing

❤ A video tutorial that helps you with your Google Sheets (25 minutes long)

Video Tutorial topics include:

✅ Adding/deleting columns and rows

✅ Inserting text into cells

✅ Duplicating cells

✅ Merging cells

✅ Formatting text in cells

✅ Changing borders and fill colors

✅ Wrapping text to fit cells

✅ Formatting size of columns and rows

✅ Duplicating tabs

✅ Renaming tabs

✅ Color-coding tabs

✅ Hiding tabs

✅ How to format for printing

✅ Changing colored tabs to black and white for optimal printing

You can watch that video for FREE here!

Why teachers LOVE this resource:

✨Video support for the teacher helps them feel confident when working with Google Sheets. Even teachers who struggle with technology can successfully modify and edit this digital curriculum map.

✨Since the curriculum map is stored on Google Drive, it can be opened virtually anywhere!

✨Any edits done in one place will be reflected anywhere you open the document. The auto-save is also a life saver!

✨Easily make a copy of the curriculum map to use the following year!

✨Multiple tabs for additional planning you'll need throughout the year.

✨Everything is already formatted - just add your text.

✨You can seamlessly share this curriculum map with other teachers and administration with one click!

Have questions? Not ready to commit just yet? Email me!!

You can check out the product pdf & video preview on the TPT listing


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