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Google Classroom

Updated: May 31, 2020

So this year, my team (Bri, Lauren, and myself) decided to dive off the deep end and into the pool of GOOGLE. When we first started considering it, I'll admit, it was a bit overwhelming. Google had so many options...slides, docs, forms, sheets, classroom...the list is endless. Where do I start? How in the world am I going to get little FIRST GRADERS to understand all of this stuff, let alone LEARN from it?! Regardless of all the negativity, we pushed ahead.

We could not be happier.

Once the process started, it was much easier than I had expected. Sure, making the assignments might take awhile, but it is so worth it when you see the kid look up at his assignment screen and jump with glee because his name is on Google Classroom. They love manipulating the objects on the screen and solving the problems we set before them. Not to mention their computer skills are getting even better by learning how to manipulate objects and type. (yes, 6 year olds typing - complete sentences!)

I'm so glad we didn't sell our students short. So often adults say that kids can't handle stuff because they're not old enough, they're too little, or they just won't understand. We gave them a chance, and not only did they prove us wrong, they RAN with it!

So if you're on the fence about incorporating Google Classroom into your classroom, take it from a team that took the plunge and DO IT! You won't regret it. If you're nervous about the amount of time it will take to create all the assignments, then let me help!

On my teacherspayteachers site, I've put all of my Google Classrooms I've designed for sale. You can either buy them all individually or save some money and grab the GROWING bundle of both math concepts and ELA concepts.

As I mentioned, my Google Classroom bundles are GROWING, which means I'm adding to them as I make them. Eventually the price will go up, as the amount of Google Classroom assignments will increase, but if you buy it sooner rather than later, you get everything already on there plus anything else I add in the future for the beginning price of $10. You can click on the pictures below to go to my TPT store.

Of course, if there is a topic you don't see and want me to create, let me know and we might be able to work something out!

Let technology help you in the classroom! Happy teaching :)

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