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Google Classroom for First Grade


➜Will you be teaching virtually at any point this upcoming school year? Will you be setting up your digital classroom on Google Classroom? Do you want your students to have FUN while learning on their computers? Look no further!

Welcome to my First Grade Google Classroom Bundle!

You might think that your first graders are too young to manipulate things on computers (besides just boring drag and drop activities) but THEY AREN'T! I have my 6 year olds typing responses, creating words, working with manipulating items on Google Slides and so much more! They LOVE their Google Classroom activities and always beg for more!

This bundle has TONS of topics that get covered in 1st grade. Students will actually want to get on their computers and complete these activities because it lets them interact in a new and fun way! The slides are colorful, yet easy to maneuver for those little hands. This bundle has over 45 topics covering both math and reading!

Every Google Slides presentation comes with a direction video on the first slide for your students. They can watch the video, see what to do, and then complete the Google Slides assignment independently. When they turn it in to their Google Classroom, you can then check it on your end and return it with comments for them to fix.

There are so many possibilities for this First Grade Google Classroom resource! Independent practice, partner practice, small group practice, whole group practice, RTI practice...whatever you want to do! If you find that this assignment is too long, make it into a few assignments OR simply shorten it by deleting slides.


✅Make sure you check out the quick preview video below! If you want to see the products a little closer, click on the linked topics on the product listing on TPT!


This bundle is for all of the first grade topics I have created. If I do create more Google Classroom for first grade, they will be added to this resource.

Please email me at before purchasing if you have any questions!!

This bundle includes over 45 topics with over 800 interactive slides for your students. In this bundle you will find these topics:



Analog/Digital Clock Matching

Comparing Numbers

Domino Addition

Double Digit Addition, no carrying

Equal Parts (Halves and Fourths)

Fact Families


Graphing 2 (Picture and Bar Graphs)

Identifying Place Value

Length & Early Measurement

Missing Numbers

Missing Numbers (on a 100s chart)

One More, One Less (1-20)

One More, One Less (20-40)

One More, One Less (40-60)

One More, One Less (60-80)

One More, One Less (80-100)

Place Value Base 10

Place Value with Cubes

Rewriting Addition Sentences

Shape Attributes

Skip Counting

Subtraction (within 20)

Time to the Hour

Word Problems

10 More, 10 Less

2D Shapes

3D Shapes

2D & 3D Shapes



Base Words

Beginning Blends

Compound Words

Context Clues



Ending Punctuation

Fact & Opinion

Matching Sentences to Pictures

Nonfiction Text Features

Proper Nouns

Rhyme & Spell (different spelling patterns)

Root words with Prefix -re

Root words with Suffix -ing


Syllables with Vowels




Why teachers LOVE this resource:

✨ZERO prep for you! Pop this into Google Classroom as an assignment and you're good to go! (Need help with this? Email me and I'll be happy to walk you through it!)

✨Teachers can give feedback right to the student using comments on Google Classroom. You can "return" it to them and they can fix their mistakes!

✨Easy to use for students - yes, even 6 year olds!

✨Fun, bright, and colorful to keep kiddos engaged.

✨You can use this even after we go back to the regular classroom!

✨Create multiple assignments just from one presentation! (Need help with this? Email me and I'll be happy to walk you through it!)

✨Assign this as individual, partner, or group work. OR do it whole class!

✨Direction videos give the help students need. Students know what is expected and can see what they need to do right on the video!

What teachers are saying:

✅ "Great review. Children were able to practice independently after I taught the lesson. So many different resources - I have not been able to use them all yet."

✅ "Students enjoy doing these activities and they are very user friendly."

✅ "This was a valuable assignment during distance learning and plan to use again next spring in the classroom."

✅ "This is a fantastic resource for distance learning. I am also planning on using it upon returning to the classroom."

✅ "No prep resource, very helpful."

✅ "My kiddos are really engaged with these activities. They also make good small group activities as well. Just share the same documents with the students and they all work together to complete the slides!! Love them and will definitely use them in the future!"

✅ "This made distance learning less stressful."



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