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Google Classroom - Who/Whom

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For this activity, students practice deciding if the sentences should use who or whom. This activity has 20 practice slides. At the end of the activity, students can then "turn it in" to your Google Classroom for you to check on your own time. This Google Classroom also has a directional video at the beginning for the kids.

Here are some of the slides:

There is also an answer key for you on the last slide. You can print this out or simply put it on another computer screen next to you as you grade. Just be sure to delete it before assigning this to students!

There are so many possibilities for this online resource! Independent practice, partner practice, small group practice, whole group practice, RTI practice...whatever you want to do! If you find that this assignment is too long, make it into a few assignments OR simply shorten it by deleting slides.

Please note that this is a Google App, which means you must allow TPT access to your drive in order to get access to this product. If you DO NOT want TPT to access your drive, just email me at after purchasing and I can share it with you personally so you can make a copy. Also feel free to email me if you have questions or need help!!

Check out the teacher sneak peek video showing you the entire document. You can view that here:

You can grab yours here at my TPT store. Happy teaching!


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