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Google Keep Headers

Ever since my sister-in-law told me about Google Keep a few months ago, I've been OBSESSED! It's a fantastic app that lets me be organized wherever I go and I love that it is on whatever platform I'm using at any given time throughout my day.

I created these Google Keep Headers to jazz up my Google Keep. I am IN LOVE! The color scheme that I used helped me to match with my classroom color scheme, which makes everything seem to belong. I'm going to be using these Google Keep Headers to organize my teacher life!

These FREE Google Keep Headers can be found in my Freebie Library on my website. Do you want access to this and tons of other FREE resources?


I've had some people ask me how to use Google Keep Headers. It's super simple! All you do is upload the picture file into your Google Keep note and it instantly becomes your header! This can be done from your main computer or your phone.

Take a look at the views on both a phone and a computer:

Phone View:

Computer View:


Inside the zipped folder, you'll find 94 different Google Keep Headers. There are headers for your school life and your personal life as well. Take a peek at my headers below:

Additionally there is a space in Google Slides where you can CREATE YOUR OWN Google Keep Header to match your needs! That's right! If what you need is not already created, just make one yourself in the Google Slides. The text and color feature are already set up for you - simply add in your text and an icon to match! I have a quick step-by-step video to help you navigate editing. You can view that here:

Head on over to my Freebie Library to get these Google Keep Headers right now! Your organizational self will thank you later :)


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