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Guided Reading Group TOOLS

My kids LOVE my guided reading bins! 😍😍😍

Each child at my teacher table gets a bin when they come over to work with me during reading groups. It's rare that we use ALL the tools in one day but I like to think that keeps it interesting. Below you'll find what I use each tool for! Don't forget to save for future reference! 📌

📚 dry erase pocket - you can add in whatever paper you want and it becomes dry erase

📚 dry erase marker - I opted for thin markers so kids could create their small letters easier

📚 cotton cloth pad - the black option is GOLD (plus these are machine washable!)

📚 magnetic wand - hands down my kids favorite tool

📚 magnetic bingo chips - so many uses for these and it goes with the magnetic wand. My kids beg me to use these

📚 guided reading book - this goes with the reading group and their level or skill we're working on (I use the Geodes series from Wit & Wisdom)

📚 highlighter - to find evidence

📚 sticky notes - in case we need to jot something down or remember a page

📚 whisper phone - for independent reading through the book. This helps to keep the volume low and it really accentuates what the kid is reading.

📚 push popper - I use this mostly for phonemic awareness and phonics, just another tool to use

📚 line tracker - my kids also like this one! It helps their eyes to stay on one line in the book (I got mine from the Target Dollar Spot but these came in at a close second from Amazon!)

📚 tracking manipulatives - with these tools, it helps them to focus on where they are in the text and it makes it a little more engaging

Here it is all tied together in the bin! All of that stuff really fits nicely from the bin I got from Hobby Lobby 😍 I do not keep the push popper or the dry erase pockets in the bins, but everything else fits great with a lot of room! I also opted for a small latch lid box for my magnetic bingo chips so they weren't just floating around in the bottom of the bin.

Curious on how I use my sound boxes and magnetic wands with decoding words? Check out this short demonstration for the word "jump"

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