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Motivational Quotes for the Classroom

After redesigning my space to match my 4th graders instead of my 1st graders, something I knew I needed to make were motivational quotes to encourage and inspire my students. Looking out there on TPT, I couldn't really find anything that I was absolutely in love with and nothing really seemed to match my color scheme (blues and turquoises), so I decided to create my own!

Each week I will be adding a new quote to this product until I get tired of it (ha!) You can print out and hang in your classroom for your students (or for you!) Right now the growing bundle is listed in my TPT store for $2.00, but remember, each time I create a new quote, you get it for free! You can find the product here.

Each quote has a jpg and a png version so you can just print it off on a 8.5x11 piece of paper or blow it up on a larger piece of paper. Make your classroom a positive, motivational place for your students!

In my room, I get these blown up at Staples and then frame them in over-sized frames to hang on my wall. They are beautiful and add such a positive vibe to my room!

This is perfect for Leader in Me schools, PBIS schools, or schools that focus on positive traits in their students.

You can find all the quotes on instagram and pinterest, as I post one every Monday for #motivationalmonday.

Happy decorating!

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