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Virtual Board Game Template (Space Themed!)

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

What are the 2 things that kids love the most? Technology and games! Why not combine the two AND add some learning in at the same time? Meet my virtual board game template.

This template is set up completely for you - all you need to do is add in your questions for your students! The hyperlinks are set throughout the entire board game so that your students can jump to the question they are supposed to be answering and then jump right back to the board with a click of the button. This board game has 29 questions slots, each space containing a different question.

I recommend no more than 2 players but have included 4 game pieces just in case you want more students to play. Also, you can put the answer under the "cover" so students can self-check after they answer their question.

There are so many possibilities for this online game! Independent practice, partner practice, small group practice, whole group practice, RTI practice...whatever you want to do!

Remember, you do not have to use my rules! You can make up your own. I recommend making a "directions video" (I also recommend making this with screencast-o-matic!) to put on the first slide OR write down the directions in a text box on the first slide for your students to read. Here's a direction video for a sample:

This is housed under Google Slides, however don't worry if you or your kids are not Google savvy! I have also included teacher tips and tricks videos to help you create and work your gameboard. The following topics are included in my video support:

  • ✅Dice Options

  • ✅Adding Your Own Bitmoji

  • ✅Adding Your Own Questions/Answers

  • ✅How to Assign to a Group of Students

  • ✅Linking Slides

  • ✅Game Play

Why teachers LOVE this resource:

✨A EASY template that is already set with hyperlinks throughout the document. All you need to do is plug in your questions!

✨Teachers can use this template again and again! Want to change the topic to something else next week? Simply "make a copy" of the template and create a whole new game with different questions!

✨Easy to use for students

✨Fun, bright, and colorful to keep kiddos engaged

✨You can use this for virtual learning or in the regular classroom!

✨Gamifying your practice will allow students to have fun rather than "kill and drill"

✨Video support for the teacher helps them feel confident with this resource. Even teachers who struggle with technology can successfully implement this in their classroom.

What teachers are saying:

✅ "These are wonderful for my virtual students. It allows me to play a fun game and review skills that I have taught. Easy to use and to edit."

✅ "This resource was very helpful during distance learning!"

✅ "Great resource! This must have take a long time, but I am so grateful for this!!"

✅ "My students loved using this to review in math!"

✅ "Such a fun and engaging way to help my students meet their goals! Thank you :)"

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